The first few months of this year have been busy, mostly with the layout of Newsletters. Both of them are quarterlies, which means that I have plenty of time in between to write, design and create new graphic prints.

I have posted some of my prints on this blog, but I decided to create a new site where I would feature these prints, and leave this site for all the other things that I get up to. Please click HERE to view my most recent work, or go to Norma's Portfolio of Graphic Prints 

Update - The dawn of 2013

It is ages since I updated this blog, as I have another blog that has occupied my time. Please visit the site to see my latest work HERE

2011 was a year that highlighted many new ventures, and below is a brief summary of some of them. Please click on the bars above to see more examples.

Looking over some of my drawings and doodles, I decided to make some of them into greeting cards.  These are mostly given away as gifts, but recently they were sold at a Craft Stall.

As a graphic designer, I have been involved with all aspects of design, as well as in the training and teaching of design, and this has been the main focus of my work over the years. I include retouching of photographs in this section as that has become an increasing interest of mine.

The illustrations are fun exercises, and some of them have been used in various projects. I have always been interested in graphic art (etchings, lino-cuts, wood-cuts and print making) and also enjoy testing myself with computer generated illustration.

As an artist I constantly test myself in all aspects of art, and I enjoy playing with charcoal, watercolours and acrylics. In this section I show some of my work.

The card designs (under CARDS) were used to print posters and prints that can be framed.

I love writing, and one of my daily pleasures is to scribble in a journal. I write poetry, short stories, and have written two books. The one was an autobiography, mostly as a gift to my children and family. The next book was part of a NaNoWriMo Challenge, and is being edited at present. I have also written poetry for two books of poetry with other poets, and contributed poems to three books published by the Poetry Institute of Africa, and The International Library of Poetry.

Please feel free to contact me, and if you have a blog detailing your own work, I would love to have a link to it on this blog for others to enjoy as well.